1315 Salem Rd. Morganton, NC 28655 Ph: (828) 437-8488 Fax: (828) 437-8488







Board of Directors
James Dale President
Lewis P. Dale Vice President
Edwina Garrison Secretary/Treasurer
Allen Lail Member
William Byrd Member
Bill Hutchins Member
Ricky Stroupe Member
Operational Personnel
John Stroup Chief, FR/DO 740
Jason Dale Deputy Chief, FR/DO 745
Robbie Carswell Assistant Chief, FR/DO 7400
John Walker Captain, DO 7401
Charles Autrey Captain, FR/DO/Jr. & Trainee Advisor 7402
Todd Patrick Lieutenant, DO 7403
Kevin Woody Lieutenant, FR/DO/FR Team Leader 7404
William Byrd Lieutenant, DO 7405
Brian Lail Lieutenant, FR/DO 7406
Matthew Mace Firefighter, FR/DO 7410
Derek Lackey Firefighter, FR/DO 7411
Hal Horton Firefighter, FR/DO 7412
vacant   7413
vacant   7414
Chris Cook Firefighter, FR 7415
retired #   7416
vacant   7417
Joshua Smith Firefighter, FR/DO 7418
Philip Shuping Firefighter, FR 7419
Jonathon Willis Firefighter, FR 7420
Nicholas McCraken Firefighter, FR 7421
Dustin Buzze Firefighter, FR 7422
Alexis Paniagua Firefighter, FR 7423
James Johnson Firefighter, TO/DO 7426
Roy Moseley Firefighter, TO/DO 7427
Frank Braswell, Jr. Firefighter, DO 7428
vacant   7429
vacant   7430
Michael Willis Firefighter, DO 7431
Chris Knox Firefighter 7432
Christopher Rhodes Firefighter, DO 7433
Jamie Clark Firefighter, DO 7434
Justin Dixon Firefighter 7435
Pete Aldridge Firefighter, DO 7436
Ronnie Gibbs Firefighter 7437
Joseph Beaver Firefighter 7438
Donnie Daniels Firefighter 7439
Elian Paniagua Firefighter 7440
Michael Long Firefighter, DO 7441
Jeremiah Moseley Firefighter 7442
Justion Moseley Firefighter, DO 7443
Jeffrey Pearson Firefighter, DO 7446
vacant Firefighter 7447
Dillon Johnson Firefighter 7448
Christopher Davis Firefighter 7451
FR indicates First Responder - TO indicates Traffic Officer - DO indicates Driver/Operator
Edwina Garrison President
Tammy Lail Vice President
Ashley Ingram Secretary
Sherry McCraken Treasurer
Bill Hutchins Member
Alberta Crawley Member
Sandy Marcantel Member
Kathy Chase Member



Personnel Roster

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