Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box

Every year from the Amazon to buy Han, whether it is the United States Amazon or China's Amazon, Amazon has always believed in the quality and price (although sometimes not really cheap). But also the case of the arrival of five black each year, browsing the process found his admiration still Casio Pro Trek series of climbing watch. To tell the truth, before the pointer has been tested in the mountain climbing watch, give me the feeling more and more like Tissot forward, not the beginning of the amazing feeling, and the LCD series design always give me "This is Casio" impression . Give you a link, because the price has been fluctuating, I guess to catch up with the cheapest time, the price of 560 in the next single, I believe there will always be cheap, we can pay attention. Casio Men's PRG-270B-1CR PRO TREK Aviator Black Watch 556 yuan Casio Men's PRG-270B-1CR PRO TREK Aviator Black Watch Watch Direct link Have to say that Amazon's logistics speed is still very much to force, although the black five-time shipping a little bit slow, originally thought the arrival of 10, the results of a full week in advance, there must be a praise, you can applause. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR replica watches uk out of the box out of Central Asia Get the hand of the first impression is that the box is really environmentally friendly, pleasing to the eye full of environmentally friendly materials, the box is not big, the Amazon to the package is very tight, put a lot of inflawatch outside the bag to do the buffer, consider very thoughtful. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of Central Asia Open the box, the eye is the manual and warranty card, because the reason to buy in the United States, the manual is not Chinese, looking at a thick, do not know the Japanese should carefully admire or should despise this redundant things , It can not be simple and clear some Mody. . . Decisively thrown aside from the official website to download the Chinese manual, a few pages, clear and bright. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR rolex replica out of the box out of Central Asia Once again admire the environmental awareness (cynical do not spray), simple but very environmentally friendly packaging, printed on the surface of the Pro Trek logo and mountain pictures to prove that this is a mountaineering series, see the light box has been a little bit excited. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of Central Asia Can not wait to open the package, the eyes of some of the features of the watch, waterproof ah, solar ah. . . Here is also the parameters of this watch briefly to you: mineral glass, digital anti-significant, dial stainless steel, bezel resin, triple sensor, measuring altitude, air pressure, temperature, digital compass function, 100m waterproof. This is a nylon strap, it is suiwatch for allergy skin. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of Central Asia Finally, the true colors, but also separated by a layer of plastic, has demonstrated a deep background # # Casio Casio original PRG-270B-1CR watch Central Asia overseas to buy out of the box # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of Central Asia In the hands of the state, gray often beautiful, anti-significant and do not want to imagine is not clear, in the strong sunlight can still be clear at a glance. The three buttons on the right indicate its function: digital compass; barometric pressure; altitude. Get a hand measuring a bit, even found in the sea level. . . . Baidu checked the investigation, it is estimated there will be some error bar, after all, or rely on altitude changes in atmospheric pressure conversion, for me to use this beautiful than it does not matter, maybe just I stood under the sea level. . . # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of rolex replica watches Central Asia The state in which the light is on. The background light is blue, but the lighting time is relatively short, I feel the moment passed. The surface of the outer ring is a solar cell, as long as there is light on the watch can be charged. This time without the radio, but Casio's watch has always been very accurate, a few seconds a year difference will not be concerned about. The calendar, time, and seconds displayed from top to bottom. You can set their own time zone, for people often run around the world this function is convenient, but if not bad money can come with a radio function, should be able to automatically adjust. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of Central Asia My hand is not large, but in his hand also did not show the big watch, the size just right. Function in addition to just a brief introduction, there are countdown, stopwatch, data records (altitude, pressure, etc.), world time and other functions, rely on the two buttons on the left side of the watch to achieve. So fine, or worth a piece, in the final analysis, or price comparison value ^ _ ^. Although not a mountain climber, but still can not bear the heart itch, get your hand. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of Central Asia This is the preparation of nylon wristbands, very delicate. The hands of a Seiko stainless steel strap diving watch, with a very texture, but slightly heavier, it is estimated that thin girls wrist coupled with the dial matching the strip should be difficult, but also with leather business watch, but trouble Heart is sweating will easily make leather strap and can not change color, a long time with a wrist allergy. Nylon should be better air permeability, skin affinity should be better than the other two. # # New Casio Casio PRG-270B-1CR watch out of the box out of Central Asia And finally to Zhang panoramic photo, it is estimated that the United States should also be double-12 Meiya to meet the preferences of the Chinese people do something special bar, perhaps a new round of low-cost, ready to start a friend can watch tight. The first time out of the box sun, not in place of inclusiveness, but good things should be shared, for everyone to see whether it is suiwatch for their own.